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Drug Rehab Michigan

Substance abuse is a serious problem in the state of Michigan with rates of drug use and drug-induced deaths both being higher than the national average. Methamphetamine, opiates and non-medical use of prescription drugs are the biggest drug threats in the state, and consequently hundreds of individuals are losing their lives annually. The prescription drug abuse problem in the state mirrors the same problem throughout the rest of the country, so it is a problem that is dealt with much in the same way any other drug problem is dealt with in terms of treatment for it. So because there are so many serious consequences for Michigan residents if they don't receive treatment, it is important that they have effective drug rehab programs available to them and they know how to get started in one when this is the obvious next step. Thankfully, there are many drug rehab programs available in Michigan, many of which have extremely high rates of success at helping clients overcome addiction and make a fresh start.

One of the most disheartening things for loved ones and friends it so have to watch their loved one's life deteriorate in every way because of a life of substance abuse. While it may seem like this self destructive way of life is a choice and a conscious one, this isn't necessarily the case and it is important that loved ones not give up even when an individual has reached their lowest point. The fact of the matter is the most addicted individuals would choose differently if this was possibly, because of physical and psychological dependence that they develop they simply lose the power to do so. So no matter how strong willed or well intentioned someone who is involved in substance abuse can be, it often isn't enough and they will inevitably need help in order to truly overcome their drug or alcohol problem. It may be necessary however for loved ones to intervene, which can be done at any time a problem is evident, not just when the person is at rock bottom. A drug intervention is an option in these instances, where loved ones can have a chance to confront the addict in a non-judgmental and non-confrontational way which can help offer a solution. With the assistance a professional treatment counselors or from a drug interventionist who will actually be present to assist at the intervention itself, a drug intervention is a perfect solution when all other efforts have failed and it is obvious that the outcome will be grim unless immediate intervention occurs.

Because individuals will be going through drug or alcohol withdrawal in many cases when they first make it to drug rehab in Michigan, a safe detox is the first phase that they will take part in to get the physical side of addiction addressed. While detox can be easily and quickly accomplished in most cases, sudden cessation of drug and alcohol use will cause withdrawal symptoms which can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful at times. How challenging detox is for each person really all depends on the individual's drug of choice and level of dependence. One thing to always keep in mind is that there are always dangers involved when detoxing from certain substances, which makes it necessary for some individuals to have medical supervision due to withdrawal symptoms which can be life threatening. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are the main concerns normally, and these substance should never be quit abruptly unless in a drug rehab, where drug treatment professionals can ensure that individuals safely detox and are as comfortable as possible during the process.

It is important that individuals who do safely and successfully detox don't consider this the end of the road in terms of treatment, and always receive further services in drug rehab in Michigan so that they can have full resolution to why they began abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. While handling the physical side of addiction can at first seem like the biggest challenge for clients, the next phase of drug rehab in Michigan is the most important, because these will be the important steps to reevaluate and restructure one's life so that one's lifestyle and environment encourages a drug free life for the rest of one's life. These steps generally speaking involve addressing the true causes of addiction, not just the physical manifestations of it. Depending on the drug rehab chosen in Michigan, individual may take part in group and individual counseling, behavioral therapy and be availed of other powerful treatment techniques that professional treatment counselors can utilize to actually rehabilitate a person inside and out.

Because this may be the only chance a person has to overcome their substance abuse problem, this process should always be undertaken in a completely drug free, safe and distraction free environment where individuals can take as long as they need to accomplish the ultimate goal. Drug rehab programs in Michigan which provide this type of treatment environment are residential and inpatient drug rehabs, and long-term programs are preferred which offer treatment for 90-120 days and longer in some cases. Long term residential and inpatient drug rehabs prevent the possibility of distractions and negative influences sabotaging the rehab process and the best chances for the individual experiencing success from their program. It is also an atmosphere where the individual will be surrounded by positive influences and support and around the clock care.

If you know someone who in Michigan who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is important to act now and get them effective help before it is too late. For both the addict and loved ones, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing everything it takes to help someone put an end to their life of addiction and have a possibility for the quality of life they want and deserve. Contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Michigan today and help yourself or someone you love with effective treatment for addiction.


Michigan Drug Statistics

1. Within Michigan, Heroin, Marijuana and Cocaine remain the primary drug threats.

2. The availability and amount of Heroin varies, but it remains a threat to the state of Michigan.

3. Evidence from 1999-2009 shows that the accidental drug poisoning death percentage for opioid analgesics in Michigan rose by 734. 6 percent during 1999-2009 while the death percentage for Cocaine and Heroin increased by 487. 8 percent and 203. 9 percent, respectively.

4. In 2007-2008, in Michigan, the report from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health said that 7. 5 percent of adolescents in the ages 12-17, and 13 percent of adults in the ages of 18-25 reported the use of painkillers for non-medical purposes in the prior year.

5. In Michigan, from 2007 to 2009, the total number of prescription drug overdose deaths was 436.

6. Of all traffic crashes in Michigan during 2008, 6. 6% involved drugs, but not alcohol, and 7. 7% involved both drugs and drinking.

Drug Facts
  • A standard alcoholic drink contains about 14 grams of pure alcohol (about 0.6 fluid ounces or 1.2 tablespoons), the amount of alcohol usually found in: one 12-ounce beer, one 4- to 5-ounce glass of wine or one 1.5-ounce shot of 80-proof liquor.
  • Individuals who take OxyContin repeatedly can develop a tolerance or resistance to the drugs effects.
  • Drug use among adolescents with serious behavioral problems is significantly more likely among both males and females for very young adolescents aged 12 to 13, for adolescents aged 14 to 15, and for older adolescents aged 16 to 17.
  • Individuals aged 20 or younger accounted for 19.1 percent (877,802 visits) of all drug-related emergency room visits in 2009; approximately 50% of which involved drug abuse.